The new edited volume Stress Testing the Law of the Sea: Dispute Resolution, Disasters & Emerging Challenges, edited by Stephen Minas and H. Jordan Diamond, is now out!

PIL Advisory Group Director Pierre-Emmanuel Dupont has contributed a chapter entitled Contested Sovereignty over Land Territory and Maritime Zones.

The volume features leading practitioners and scholars of the law of the sea who examine key developments that are placing pressure on the current legal framework. Following an expert preface setting the historical context for the discussion, Part I explores the changing norms of marine dispute resolution – long the foundation of the UNCLOS framework – in an era when the lines between private and public governance are continually shifting and following the landmark South China Sea arbitration. Part II explores emerging issues whose inherent levels of uncertainty challenge the structure of the framework, including climate change, disasters, and expanding energy exploration.

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The Author

Pierre-Emmanuel Dupont


Contested sovereignty over territorial zones and the delimitation of maritime boundaries

‘Stress Testing the Law of the Sea’ international conference in London

Contribution to International Maritime Boundaries

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Law of the Sea

Maritime Boundaries