UAE Barakah nuclear power plant construction site, photo L. Potterton (IAEA)
Barakah nuclear power plant construction site, UAE (Photo: L. Potterton/IAEA)

Nuclear power is now safer, throughout the world, than it was before Fukushima Daiichi. Despite the accident, global use of nuclear power continues to grow. Around 30 countries are considering introducing nuclear power, on top of the 30 countries that already have it.

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano, Statement of 20 June 2016 in Paraguay, ‘Peaceful Applications of Nuclear Technology: Current Situation and Future Perspectives’.

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Services that the Public International Law Advisory Group offers in the international nuclear energy and nonproliferation area include:

Training, particularly for government officials in countries embarking on, or considering embarking on, civilian nuclear energy programs (including courses, seminars, workshops, etc.)
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Provision on an ad hoc or continuing basis, of legal and policy advice to governments and private parties engaged in civilian nuclear energy programs.
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Commissioned and general research and publication (papers, articles, newsletters, bulletins, books, etc.)
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Convening of high level conferences and workshops with stakeholders in civilian nuclear energy programs.

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Nuclear power plant financing post-Fukushima and international investment law