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The determination of outstanding land frontiers, their demarcation on the field once determined, as well as their day-to-day management are strategic issues of vital importance to any State. What is less known is that these issues also involve a wide range of sensible public international law rules and principles. But it is also a field where technical aspects – including geographical, economic, demographic, security-related and other constraints – need to be fully assessed. In addition, in recent decades, issues related to the sovereignty over, and the exploitation of, natural resources extending over or under frontiers have become omnipresent. A multidisciplinary approach, tailored to meet the needs of each specific case, is thus a prerequisite.

Our range of services

The Public International Law Advisory Group offers to sovereign States, as well as to economic actors engaged in activities covering disputed land areas, full-range expert and advisory services.

The settlement of land boundary issues presupposes wide-range and time-consuming research not only on international legal principles and rules applicable in a given situation, but also on factual and material issues such as ancient treaties and other diplomatic materials, as well as cartographic and geographical data. PIL Advisory Group experts assist in archival research and systematic identification and collection of materials relevant to the determination of any outstanding land boundary – an invaluable asset for future or present negotiation or third-party settlement.
Consultancy and support to negotiation
PIL Advisory Group experts are prepared to assist States or other stakeholders in any context where advice on boundary delimitation, and the negotiation thereof, is needed, even well in advance of any actual negotiation or judicial or arbitral settlement. Experience shows that early expert advice increases the chances for a State to obtain the best possible outcome in an actual delimitation.
Representation in settlement of boundary disputes
Once a boundary dispute is submitted to an international court or tribunal (for example the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration or another forum or arbitral tribunal), highly complex procedural issues come to the forefront. PIL Advisory Group legal experts are prepared to cooperate with other legal and technical experts in the legal team of the State, to determine and conduct the best legal strategy both in terms of legal argument and procedural management.
PIL Advisory Group organises and delivers courses and seminars on legal and practical aspects of land boundaries, primarily for State officials, including members of national boundary commissions, military and security personnel, and officials of relevant ministries. These are highly flexible in terms of contents and duration, and may be held either in the State concerned or in Europe. Participants to these training sessions are given first-hand insights based on actual recent cases of land border disputes and their settlement.


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