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The determination of outstanding land frontiers, their demarcation on the field once determined, as well as their day-to-day management are strategic issues of vital importance to any State. What is less known is that these issues also involve a wide range of sensible public international law rules and principles. But it is also a field where technical aspects – including geographical, economic, demographic, security-related and other constraints – need to be fully assessed. In addition, in recent decades, issues related to the sovereignty over, and the exploitation of, natural resources extending over or under frontiers have become omnipresent. A multidisciplinary approach, tailored to meet the needs of each specific case, is thus a prerequisite.

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The Public International Law Advisory Group offers to sovereign States, as well as to economic actors engaged in activities covering disputed land areas, full-range expert and advisory services.

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Reaffirmation of international boundaries in Lake Tanganyika