Julien Chaisse has co-edited with Tsai-yu Lin the volume International Economic Law and Governance, Essays in Honour of Mitsuo Matsushita (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016).

The 624-page volume critically analyses the current state of international economic governance, analyses a broad range of topics in international economic law, including WTO law, law of regional integration, investment law, competition law, economics and the politics of trade, international dispute resolution, and inter-regime coordination. It also discusses the new generation of Free Trade Agreements, including the Transpacific Partnership, the Trans-Atlantic Partnership, and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

 Here is the table of contents:

1: Developing and Strengthening International Economic Law: the Contribution of Mitsuo Matsushita, Julien Chaisse and Tsai-yu Lin
2: Developing and Strengthening International Economic Law: the Contribution of Mitsuo Matsushita, William J. Davey
3: The Dispute Settlement System of the WTO: A Bright Picture with a Few Dark Spots, Claus-Dieter Ehlermann
4: The Scope of Regulatory Autonomy of WTO Members under Article III.4 of the GATT: A Critical Analysis of the Jurisprudence of the WTO Appellate Body, Frieder Roessler
5: How to Reconcile Health Law and Economic Law with Human Rights? Looking for Hercules in the WTO Appellate Body, Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann
6: The WTO Jurisprudence of Article XX(g) and the Conservation of Natural Resources, Joel P. Trachtman
7: Balancing Investment Protection and Other Public Policy Goals: Lessons from World Trade Organization (WTO) Jurisprudence, Yasuhei Taniguchi and Tomoko Ishikawa
8: Trade Law and the Vienna Treaty Convention’s Systemic Integration Clause, Chin Leng Lim
9: When Popular Decisions Rest on Shaky Foundations: Systemic Implications of Selected WTO Appellate Body Trade Remedies Jurisprudence, Meredith Kolsky Lewis
10: Taming Investor-State Arbitration? Joint Committees and Binding Interpretations, Jaemin Lee
11: The Limits of Legalization in Asia-Pacific Investment Treaty Arbitration?, Luke Nottage
12: The Interplay between the G20 and the WTO: Informal Law-making in Action, Jan Wouters and Ines Willemyns
13: Unfinished Business – Competition Law and the WTO, Rolf H. Weber
14: Competition Law in Emerging Markets: the virtue of regulatory diversity, Frederick M. Abbott
15: Untangling the Triangle – Issues for State-Controlled Entities in Trade, Investment and Competition Law, Julien Chaisse
16: In Search of Coherence: Navigating the WTO in the Universe of International Law, Chien-Huei Wu
17: Natural Resources and the Rules of the Multilateral Trading System: A Sustainable Perspective, Thomas J. Schoenbaum
18: Facilitating Coherent Application of WTO Law within and outside the Organization: Investment Regime as an Example, Tsai-yu Lin
19: Reinterpretation of the National Treatment Principle: Making International Economic Law a Friend of Global Governance of Environmental Protection, Won-Mog Choi
20: The Soft Law Approach to Regulatory Harmonization: Are We Trading Away Privacy for Economic Integration?, Shin-yi Peng
21: Members Only: Embracing Diversity in the WTO, Bernard Hoekman and Petros Mavroidis
22: TTIP and the post-Bali WTO: Toward a New World Trade Order?, David Gantz and Laura Nielsen
23: Regulatory Co-operation through Mega-FTAs: Possibilities and Challenges, Junji Nakagawa
24: Rise of the Plurilaterals: Threat or Opportunity for Multilateral Trade Governance, Anuradha R.V.
25: Trade in Pharmaceuticals: Patents and Access to Medicines since TRIPS – Some certainty and several lingering questions, Bryan Mercurio
26: Trans-Pacific Partnership Intellectual Property Controversies, Raj Bhala
27: Interdependence and the WTO Agreement as a ‘Contractual Constitution’, Chi Carmody
28: Bridging Global and Regional Governance of International Trade, Chang-fa Lo
29: Decision-making in the WTO: From negotiated law-making to judicial law-making, Rajesh Babu
30: Legal Development of WTO Trade Remedy Practices in East Asia, Dukgeun Ahn
31: A Managerial Approach to Secure Compliance with the SPS Agreement, Yuka Fukunaga
32: Conclusion – Thoughts on the WTO’s next Twenty Years, Julio Lacarte Muró

The book may be ordered with Oxford University Press.


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