The Public International Law Advisory Group provides legal and policy advice to member States of international organizations.


Our range of services

Membership in International Organizations
Assessing the costs-benefits and implications of membership (and observer status) in international organizations. We also assist in navigating the procedures of admission, including through evaluation of implications of membership in terms of changes required in domestic legislation, potential conflicts with other international commitments, and associated costs.
Legal and Policy Advice to member States
Assistance in evaluating and exercizing rights deriving from membership in international organizations, and corresponding obligations, including in participation in meetings of governing bodies; assistance in advancing policy objectives within international organizations. Financial issues. Issues of suspension and cessation of membership.
Accountability of International Organizations
Immunities of International Organizations
Settlement of Disputes
International Agreements involving International Organizations


Our Experts

Pierre-Emmanuel Dupont

Daniel Joyner

Gbenga Oduntan