oduntan_gbengaDr Gbenga Oduntan is a recognized expert in sovereignty and boundary issues, as well as in air and space law. He is a Senior Lecturer in international commercial law at Kent Law School, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK. His research interests and publications span public and private international law (Air and Space Law, International Courts and Tribunals; Arbitration; International Commercial Law, Land/Maritime Boundary and Territorial Disputes, International Economic law and Oil and Gas law).

Dr. Oduntan has been working as expert and consultant to the African Union Border Programme since 2008, and as member and Legal Adviser of the United Nations’ Cameroon-Nigeria Mixed Commission. He is the author of several books including International Law and Boundary Disputes in Africa (Routledge, 2015) and Sovereignty and Jurisdiction in Airspace and Outer Space (Routledge, 2012). He has also widely published and lectured, particularly on space law, international trade law, and boundary and sovereignty issues.

He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and of the Nigerian Bar Association (Barrister and Solicitor).



Dr. Oduntan on the settlement of the Malawi/Tanzania lake boundary dispute