Dr. Julien Chaisse, Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Faculty of Law, and member of PIL Advisory Group, convenes two Seminars in London 11-12-13 December 2017 to discuss the role of international tax and investment treaties in the design and funtionning of special economic zones.

These Seminars will review both current tax and investment reforms that affect the design, operation and operation of SEZs across the world.

The Seminars will be of value to national officials dealing with policy matters which relate to investments and special economic zones policies. They are also important for Zone Authorities, Investment Promotion Agencies, specialist and professional advisers and others working in the field of Foreign Direct Investment. The trade issues, risk assessment, customs and other commercial considerations concern multi and trans-national corporations and investors. Zone operators, customs authorities and other specialists – including legal, tax and trade advisers – will need to understand the practical effects on Zone management. These include the increased use of international internet related systems.

SEMINAR ONE: GET UP TO SPEED on how international investment treaties, also referred as IIAs, regulate investment, protect investors and liberalise foreign direct investment – Options arising from revocation of licences or government policy changes – Rights of foreign investors – Next generation of Treaties (TPP, RCEP, TTIP…) and their probable effects.

SEMINAR TWO: NEW INTERNATIONAL TAX & CUSTOMS CHANGES including BEPS will put an end to double non-taxation, facilitate a better alignment of taxation with economic activity and value creation. Understand how it affects corporate tax incentives and investment decisions. Who are the front runners in implementation? Where do others stand? See how Transfer Pricing, Customs Valuation, Rules of origin and traceability all affect ever more sophisticated and competitive investment decisions.

The SPEAKING PANEL will be led by Julien Chaisse, Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Faculty of Law.

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