PIL Advisory Group expert Dr. Gbenga Oduntan (University of Kent), specialised in air & space law and land and maritime boundary issues, associate professor of international commercial law at the University of Kent in Canterbury, has given an interview to Sputnik on US President Trump’s announcement about the creation of a US Space Force. Gbenga Oduntan sees this as ‘a negative thing from an international point of view; because it needlessly militarizes outer space, which is the common heritage of mankind, a province of mankind and for which dozens of treaties have been written to keep it a zone of peace’.

You may read the full interview here.


This is not what we need at this stage of world history. We certainly do not need a repetition of the mistakes we’ve made here on Earth in space.

Gbenga Oduntan

Gbenga Oduntan

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Post cover image: National War College, Military Image Collection: Space: Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Weapons, at https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:ASM-135_ASAT_3.jpg