The International Conference on African Boundaries was held in Paris on 9 November 2017 at Centre Sèvres, 35 Bis Rue de Sèvres.

It was organized jointly with the Institut Afrique Monde, with the support of the African Union Border Programme (AUBP).

Part of panel 1: from left to right PIL Advisory Group Director Pierre-Emmanuel Dupont, Jean-Baptiste Harelimana, prof. Blaise Tchikaya and prof. Robert Volterra.


 From Panel 2 : prof. Alina Miron and Dr. Affef Ben Mansour

Prof. Alain Pellet and prof. Blaise Tchikaya


Prof. Blaise Tchikaya and PIL Advisory Group Director Pierre-Emmanuel Dupont


Related Areas

Sovereignty, Territory, Land Boundaries


Dr. Oduntan on the settlement of the Malawi/Tanzania lake boundary dispute

Reaffirmation of international boundaries in Lake Tanganyika